How To Choose Your Domain Name With The Best 3 Domain Registrars.

If you happened to be an ardent fan of slow rock music of the ’90s, you could not miss listening to Danish Rock Band Group Michael Learns To Rock(MLTR).

They have sold over 11 million albums since 1991, with 6 million paid downloads and 50 million YouTube views.

Some of my favorite tracks include Someday, Blue Night, and 25 Minutes. 

You must be wondering why I am talking about MLTR?

Have you ever thought about how this band had gained its Name?

 In 1988, it so happened that for participating in the “Rock Grand Prix” Competition in their hometown Aarhus, Denmark, they were supposed to submit a demo tape mentioning the sender’s Name.

The lead singer Jascha Ritcher has hurriedly come up with a name of the group as Michael Learns To Rock which has not been decided until then.

Years after, when they were quizzed about the origin of their Band Name, they were kind of clueless.

With Ritcher recalling, the Name has been partly inspired from a line of his school English Text Book or parts may be inspired as they are a pop band going to participate in a rock concert, as per other band members it might be encouraged from Michael Jackson as he was the king of pop and trying to learn rock and the Name was formed completely out of nowhere and the silliest ever.

And there was no looking back.

They were extremely popular and successful in no time.

Though they had the option of changing the Name, they never did it as they had already become famous for their soulful songs and created a Brand MLTR for themselves.

However, in your case, it is next to impossible to change your brand name, which you will create by registering your domain name, and most importantly, you can’t change your domain name.

You can’t take the risk of registering your domain name and restart again by migrating your entire traffic, backlinks, and audiences associated with it and rebranding it, which is an uphill task even for some expertise.   

Since we are venturing into an online business platform, it becomes incredibly crucial for you to identify and register a related domain name that signifies your blog or Business’s very purpose.

With almost 366.8 million domain names being registered and counting every day, finding a domain name with the top three domain registrars GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Domain.Com for your Business becomes highly challenging.

Thus choosing the best domain name becomes critical as you are going to create a sustainable brand around it.

So all set, here we go.

What is a Domain Name?

In the beginning, I was also puzzled about what a domain name is?

 Am I going to acquire a Webhosting by purchasing a domain name and start my Website?

Are domain names and websites are both the same?

I finally got through with my answer.

Your domain name is your registered address for your Website in the internet world.

Let’s dissect a domain name.

You will find the domain name consists of three components.



The www was invented in 1989 by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee while working at CERN to communicate among scientists to share data and information.  

(World Wide Web) is the information system platform for accessing the web pages through the internet stored on the web servers irrespective of the content format in text, audio, or video.


Blogging ladders are the Second Level Domain (SLD) and are the most critical part of your domain name placed just before the TLD and possibly should define what you are up to?

Your SLD is the focused central point of your Website for your audience.

Thus you should be positioning your SLD is in such a way that it creates a brand for you.

It should be catchy; unique should signify your service and product offerings.

Branding an SLD requires your attention and thought, considering the present and future expansion of your Business. 

E.G., suppose if you are in a micro-niche of quick breakfast and have plans to move into other niches like fast lunch for working women and men or into other broader food topics, then your SLD should not restrict only to breakfast and instead of should be named as covering a wide range of food options.


.Com is the last part of the domain name, a top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension.

Before TLD, you should dive a bit and understand how a domain name is linked to an I.P. address.  

Try to recall in the initial days. You will find that each computer on the web was assigned with an I.P. (Internet Protocol address) with a sequence of numbers like this

The tracking of these numeric I.P. addresses was feasible because of the fewer computers operating on the net.

However, With the exponential growth of the internet with close to 1.88 billion active Websites, it becomes challenging to remember the long string of numeric I.P. addresses for each Website.

To make things simpler, Paul Mockapetris expanded the internet to the next level and invented the Domain Name System (DNS) in 1983.

DNS is responsible for managing all Domain Names and their related I.P. addresses.

Once you hit the domain name, the DNS searches through the servers with a high priority for TLDs and translates the domain name into an I.P. address so the browser can load the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Thus Domain’s Name comes into existence, being easier to manage and remember.

Purpose Of TLD 

The very purpose of a TLD is to help you find the Website’s business objectives, like whether they are a commercially driven organization associated with any Non-Profit, Government Institute, or educational institute.

The TLD also helps you identify the location and country of origin of the Domain.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is accountable for managing a TLD, whereas the IANA maintains a list of Valid TLDs and is updated regularly.

Currently, close to 1600 TLDs are included in the IANA database.

As of now, the IANA database includes more than 1600 TLDs.

Types Of TLDs

Three types of TLDs are Officially recognized by IANA.

1 . gTLD – Generic Top-Level Domain

2. sTLD – Sponsored Top-Level Domain

3. ccTLD – Country Code Top-Level Domain


They are the most favored TLDs on the rack and are being picked up regularly.

Some of the traditionally desired gTLDS are.

.com – For all commercial purposes

.org – For organizations preferably (non-profit)

.Net – For Network Technology companies now widely used by all

The demand for gTLDs is ever demanding and growing.

The latest reports suggest there are some 1252 gTLDs are available and introduced into the internet.

GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Domain.Com are the top three domain registrars credited for acquiring new TLDs frequently.

 some of the newly added gTLDs by the top three domain registrars GoDaddy, Namecheap, and Domain.Com, are


.Club – For Clubs, Businesses, Groups, and associations

.Design – For Brands, Interior Design, Graphic and Web Design

.life – For all of the positives of Life, Stories, Experiences

.blog – Exclusively for Bloggers

.xyz – For some unique and innovative ideas


.homes – Ideal Location For sharing your Big Ideas related to real estate, Interior design, or Architecture

.motorcycle – Anything related to a motorcycle, either its buying, selling, repairing or coaching and arranging race competition

.dev – develop your new ideas and register and share with the world online  

.app – For App developers

.VIP – The domain extension for Important people


.Yoga – For Yoga Guidance or Teaching and exclusively to deal in the Yoga Space.

.tech – Helpful for your tech start-up or Business.

.actor – To trade in the career of drama and to act

.photography – Skills related to photography or starting a Business in the same Niche.

.restaurant – will serve as a great extension to your restaurant name and quick to catch up and remember.


The sTLD falls into a designated category which deals with a specific profession, organization, individuals, or community.

You will find Private Organizations, corporations also submitting proposals for sTLD.

However, the approvals of sTLDS are strictly on meeting the guidelines of ICANN.

 They should demonstrate the needs and interests of a community along with the evidence of support and approval from the sponsoring organization.

Few Examples of approved sTLD are.

.gov – For use by U.S. Government

.mil – For use by U.S. Department of Defence and military service

.travel – For exclusive usage by organizations in the travel and tourism industries

.post – sponsored by universal postal Union

.jobs – Sponsored by the Society of Human Resource Management and restricted to employment-related sites.

You will currently find close to 15 TLDs registered with ICANN, with still few pending approvals.


Also known as Country code Top-level Domain contains just two letters and is entitled to specified countries, sovereign states, and territories.

To Cite a few examples of ccTLD are,

.us – USA

.uk- United Kingdom

.in – India

.jp – japan

.io – British Indian Ocean Territory

.ae – United Arab Emirates

.fr – France

.es – Spain

A count of 335 ccTLDs are registered with ICANN as of now and growing.

You will also find a GeoTLD(Geographic Top Level Domains) registered with ICANN representing the geographical, cultural, geopolitical, linguistic community.

You can also aim for geographical TLDs if your business focus is targeted to specific Geographies.

A few examples of Geo TLDs are

.eu – Representing countries in European Union

.asia – Represents the businesses, organizations, and Individuals in Asian Continent

.london – Related usage for London city

.tokyo – Related use for Tokyo city

7 Treasured Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name 

Picking the right domain name is like halfway through your online journey.

 Thus it becomes of utmost importance to follow the proper domain naming process in the first place, instead of renaming it later and going through a tedious process of rearranging your entire traffic, backlinks, and things related to your Website.

Why choosing a domain name is challenging?

What are the simple rules to choose your Best Domain Name?

Why GoDaddyNamecheap, and Domain.Com are the top three best places to find your Domain Names?

Let’s dive in to gather the best practices being summed up to help you in finding and branding your correct domain name.

1. Easy to Spell and Pronounce 

You will find easier domain names comes with an advantage to remember and helps create awareness by sharing with your near and dear ones by word-of-mouth and helps establish your domain name as a brand.

Make sure it’s easy to spell and memorable.

Check the comfort level of pronouncing your Domain Name with your friends near and dear ones.

See to that it’s pronounced effortlessly; in case of any sign of struggle to spell or saying it, give a thought if it can be twisted a bit to rename the domain name, keeping it aligned to your blog.

Try your level best to remove the extra burden of remembering your domain name.

Think of

The domain name of American Broadcasting Company consists of the first three letters of the English Alphabet; it is pretty difficult to erase the domain name from your memory.

It’s glued into your memory and highly impossible to ignore.

Even a toddler would love to remember the Name as he has to before stepping in for school.

2. Grab The.COM was the first.COM domain name to be registered way back on 15th March 1985.

 Since then, there has been no looking back.

.Com is the most popular domain name with a dominating market share of 53.2% of Global Websites using it as an extension.

 A staggering total no 157 million domain extensions are registered with .com.

The .com has become so popular that it comes off naturally as a default extension for both a computer literate as well a new user before hitting the enter button.

You should always go ahead with a .com TLD as it’s the safest bet because of its awareness and trust already built around with the audience and helpful in creating a brand.

Another benefit of .com is the probability of losing your traffic to others is lesser as people are more intent to go along with a .com.

Imagine your competitor is having a blog and yours

Ask me I will get into .com first.

You will find domain extensions like .net and .org are slowly catching up, while .com remains the most preferred extension.

3. Shorter domain names are quicker  

You will notice each part of your domain name is separated by [.] is called a label.

e.g.,  consists of 3 labels.

You can name each label of your domain name with a minimum of two and a maximum of 63 characters.

Imagine a domain name with 253 characters; it’s exceedingly long.

Well, that is the maximum number of characters allowed to have your full domain name, including alphanumeric characters and hyphens in each label.

Make a note a domain name cannot start or end with a hyphen.

Why Shorter Names?

Yes, shorter domain names are quicker to memorize and recall.

If you are not able to find your domain names within 3-5 letters since there is a scarcity for the same

Recommended restricting within 8-15 letters, preferably with two-word domain names.

In our case,, we are 15 characters long, excluding the TLD with two words.

Some renowned short domain names are – American Airlines – British Airways – Deutsche Bank – Deloitte Consulting – Goldman Sachs –Burger King

Avoid using longer domain names as it would be difficult for your users to recollect, and it becomes a lengthy process to create a brand around it.

4. Run a Test for your Domain Name 

It’s good if your domain name clears both the hearing and typing test in the very first attempt.

You can run a test of your domain name by sharing it with your friends and family and see that it’s heard without being repeated.

Try calling your friend from a crowded place like a movie theatre or a coffee shop and check if she can predict and type your domain name; technically, it should clear the calling test over a phone.

The call receiver should be able to type it without much struggle.

Record a voice text of your domain name and share it with a group of trustworthy friends; ask them to send by typing it.

Check the accuracy level of your domain name by the speed and correctness of their response.

Even you can call upon friends in person and check if they can spell your domain name with ease.

Your domain name must be flawless while communicating and clears the tests as it’s helpful to refer through word of mouth advertising to friends and family and create a brand for yourself.

5. Avoid Hyphens, Numbers, and Homophones

Avoid Hyphens

Hyphens are strictly NO, as your audience will lose the flow of typing once a hyphen is added to your domain name.

There is a high probability of landing on a different website or redirecting your traffic to your competition.

E.G., you will find higher chances are there will lose a lot of traffic to as is a predictable name for organic searchers, and it goes natural.

Avoid hyphens in your domain name as people are not used to taking a pause and search for the hyphen keyword and entering it as it breaks the rhythm of typing.

Moreover, if you stop for a second still, there is this confusion of typing in between the hyphen or the underscore in the domain name, and you are likely to have a mistake that diverts you from finding your desired results.

Hyphens also increase the no of words to your domain name; a three-word domain with two hyphens becomes five words.

e.g.,, after including hyphen would become and you will spell it like win dash the dash game dot com.

Restrict Numbers

Adding numbers to your domain name also creates confusion for your audience, like typing the digit or the word.

 e.g., you start your Business with the domain name initially all is Good, but with the passing of days, as you start interacting and promote your Business with your friends, potential customers, you will get tired of explaining to them that it’s, not and Everywhere it’s the word twelve, be it the domain name or [email protected] and not [email protected].

Citing the above facts, better to restrict your domain name with simple letters avoiding any hyphens or numbers.

Stay away from Homophones

Homophones are when you find two words sounding the same but spelled differently and have different meanings.

Examples of Homophones include:-

Brake – Brake

Fined – Find

Ate –Eight

Flower – Flour

Band –Banned

Words containing homophones in your domain name tend to create confusion and lack clarity in the audience’s understandability.

If it’s added, let’s be careful and make sure it’s clear and targeted to its purpose.

6. Which Works, Branded Domain Names or Descriptive Domain Names?

Both work, but it depends on how you want to promote and position businesses.

Think of the top three domain registrars in the world. – A brandable domain Name immense popular stands out in the crowd. – Started as a descriptive name created a unique brand for itself.

Domain.Com – A real descriptive Name straight to the point.

A branded domain name is quirky, unique, and requires your attention to create a strong brand image.

Whereas descriptive domain names are quick and talk straight Business.

What is a brandable domain name?

You will notice both the Domain names mentioned above neither have any specific meanings nor are related to any products or services.

 Still, both are top-rated brands that have successfully registered a permanent footprint on our minds and have blended into our daily life, and both are brandable domain names.

The brandable domain name is catchy, futuristic and offers you a complete approach to foresee and take the proper steps to create a brand around your domain name, taking into account your products and services, and you don’t have to brainstorm a lot for a brandable domain name.

It can be chosen from anywhere like a name related to nature, can be sporty, adventurous, or picked up from everyday walk of life or a completely newly innovated word by you.


At, we are here to create a brand guiding all essential steps of Blogging, right from choosing your domain name to establishing your domain name as a valuable Brand.

Thus the entire cycle allows us to cover all topics related to digital marketing, be it Web Hosting, Facebook Ads, SEO, backlinks, or Affiliate Marketing.

And we are all set to create a Brand.

A brandable domain name allows you to include anything related to your topic that is unique and stands out in the competition.

However, you have to dedicate a lot of time, and sincere efforts to ensuring the brand grow with you as businesses grow.

What is a Descriptive domain name?

A descriptive domain name gives a quick snapshot of your Business.

The Name itself signifies your products and services along with the targeted content on your Website.

Some self-explanatory examples of descriptive domain names are mentioned below. (Primarily dealing with Flight Tickets) (Offering Shoes for Sale) (Helps in finding a house on rent)

The advantage of a descriptive domain name is the keyword in your domain name, which the audience is looking for and helps in landing right on your Website.

People can have an idea about your Website much before visiting it.

Initially, It helps you capture the organic traffic with minimum effort though you have to work upon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a consistent ranking in search engines.

However, the drawback of a descriptive domain name is its limitations.

Sometimes the keyword also restricts visitors.

Think of a descriptive domain name called; there are higher chances a lot of organic traffic will restrict themselves visiting your Website as the keyword SEO is more dominant in signifying that the Domain is more related to (SEO) than offering tips towards basics of Blogging.

In the future, it would not be easy to rebrand if you decide to broaden your horizon beyond SEO and explore other aspects of digital marketing for prospects.

Down the line, you will find your descriptive domain name becoming an obstruction for the prospect of expanding your Business.

Descriptive domain names lack to connect with you emotionally as their sole purpose is for Business and often fail to make you understand what they are up to?

Sometimes you will find yourself lost in a crowded competition of the same repeated keywords used by every other company, and it becomes difficult for you to stand out.

So what to choose?

The argument to prefer a Branded or a Descriptive Domain Name continues, which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

 It’s solely up to you how you see through your Business.

You want to kick-start your Business, want it to be precise and quick to find, go for the descriptive domain name.

There are plenty of descriptive domain names which have done well and established themselves.

Give a long-term thought.

You don’t want to take any chances, have prospects for your Business or plans to completely switch into a whole new niche as per the market trend, and have quality time and money to invest in building your brand, then go for a brandable domain name.

It takes time to create your brand, to be able to put together your personal thoughts and experiences, to deliver the best outputs.

 Once it’s achieved, there is no looking back.

You will be surprised to know that 66% of customers are comfortable with brands that offer to understand their requirements aligning to their value system.

Thus a brand matter in creating higher customer recognition and loyalty for you and spreads quickly through word of mouth.

Thus a section of people are still divided between a Branded and a Descriptive Domain Name, but end of the day, it all sums up how helpful you are towards your audiences in helping and resolving their issues and queries and, in return creating and registering a substantial brand value for your domain name.

7. Purpose Of Your Domain Name

On a digital highway, information is overloaded with lightning speed.

With more than a 4.66billion active internet users worldwide, you will find average users spend 10-20 seconds or less than that on a website to decide whether to continue to stay on your Blog page or leave.

So the first few seconds are crucial to address the intent of the searcher.

Thus it has to start from your domain name, either a brandable name or a descriptive domain name, or a mix of both.

 Your domain name should be appropriate enough to indicate that your user is in the right place.

There are high tendencies people to search for keywords related to their requirements.  

For example, a domain name called signifies the fitness routine scheduled in a gym.

Whereas another domain by named covers all the patterns of exercise, both indoors in a gym and outdoor exercising activities.

Thus the searching pattern varies here depending on the user requirement either it’s restricted only to in-house fitness or all forms of exercise.

Keep a long-term goal while considering various prospects and opportunities related to your Business while registering your domain name.

You have to make sure that the very purpose of your blog is to connect with your audiences with the right kind of product, services, and content to create awareness for your domain name and strengthen the size of your audience.    

8. Search your Domain Name for Trademark

Your Brand Name is protected by a trademark service to refrain from unauthorized use of your domain name by anyone.

Ensure your domain name does not overlap with any registered trademarked Names or standing nearby or close to avoid any legal issues.

E.g., you can’t register your domain name as FB.Com or because both the domain names are the registered trademark of Facebook.  

Likely and are also the trademarks of Amazon and will guide you to their main Website

You should have a thorough Trademark Check before registering your domain name to avoid any conflict with the trademark owner; either it’s an individual or a successful commercial business.

For example, Coca-Cola.Com will not let you use the letter Coca Cola in your domain name; at best, they can allow you to use single letter coca or cola.    

You can search the Trademark Database before registering your domain name to avoid any violation of guidelines.

You can also Google your domain name and search for its presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to check its trademark association with any renowned organization.

If the domain name is already registered, stay away as all your efforts and hard work will lead you nowhere, rather than sweating it more; refine it a bit for an alternate name and get going.  

Best Place To Register A Domain Name

We have finally arrived here, all set, ready to register your domain name.

Now, the obvious question is, which is the best place to buy a domain name?

Which is the best domain registrar?

Before choosing your domain name, let’s dive in a bit into Domain registrar.

What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that provides the dual service of both purchasing and registering your domain name.

Your domain name is also assigned with an I.P. address with a string of numeric digits like 345.27.34.21 while using the internet, as it’s difficult to remember the I.P. address for each Website, domain names come as an alternative with phrases and words makes it simpler to use the internet. While still pointing to the same I.P. address.  

All domain registrars are governed under the supervision of  Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) officially established its service on 30th November 1999.

There are plenty of domain name registrars in the Business, each providing different services.

You will find a few domains registrars are restricted to Country code TLDs like .in, .us, .ca, .de (Germany), while a few domain registrars offer both .com and ccTLD.

 You will also come across domain registrars playing pricing tricks by offering a low-cost registration of your domain name in the first year and subsequently increasing the renewal price in the second year. 

Since your domain name is precious for your Business, you have to analyze multiple factors like domain name availability, pricing, additional benefit tools, service, and hassle-free domain transfer options before buying the best domain name suitable for you.

Hence, considering the various aspects, we have recommended the top three domain registrars who are the market leaders in the Business and consistently delivering in all features.

Buy Domain Name


Company Profile

Go Daddy was founded in the year 1997 headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, United States, and is the world’s largest domain registrar, managing more than 82million domain names registered with over a 20.6million customers.

In 2020, they added 1.4 million new customers to strengthen by 20.6 million customer base globally.


You will find a wide range of domain names with GoDaddy making it easier to choose the right one with your desired extension.

They offer domain name extensions in almost 511 categories and have all the latest TLDs like

.XYZ, .ninja, .store, .shop, .life.

They have a massive pool of Domain Names base make it quicker and easier for you to discover your domain name.

GoDaddy offers a considerable discount of up to 30% in the first year of your Domain’s registration in popular extensions like .com and starts with a price range of $11.98 per year and renews at $13.98.

You can buy their .com domain name with a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years, with more longer-term purchases of the domain name provides a higher potential for savings.

Though their second-year renewal seems pricey, their support team always comes around with the best proposal with a discounted price or a coupon code to ensure you land on the best price for your domain renewal.

Customer Service

You will be amazed by their proactive customer support team from GoDaddy round the clock 24/7.

They will ensure to resolve your issues then and there either over a phone call or with their extended chat support, which you can find on their Contact Us Page.

Security And Privacy

You will come across another key added advantage while purchasing a domain name is the inclusion of the WHOIS Privacy protection, which will restrict public viewing of your personal information like Name, contact no, address, and Email id with a minimal charge of $3.99 per year.

Domain Transfer

GoDaddy is equipped with an automated platform for domain transfer with worldwide support; they offer a bulk discount of up to 31% when you transfer or register six or more domains at a single go.

Managing Domain Platform

Being an old and experienced domain registrar in the industry, you will be thrilled to find GoDaddy’s platform is well equipped with all technicalities related to your Domain and permits the user for all necessary changes with ease, be it domain transfer, updating name servers, or personal information.   

GoDaddy is a bit aggressive in promoting its other tools and products.

 They provide solutions for Web Hosting, SSL Certification, Web Security, and Email Marketing, ensuring a one-stop-shop hop for all your website requirements.

While you are buying a domain name with GoDaddy, make sure to uncheck all automated additions and not being a part of their up-sell campaign.

Their WordPress hosting plans are also bundled with a Free Domain when you are purchasing a yearly plan.

Rupees- Get a .com now from Rs 499.00*/year with GoDaddy!

GoDaddy Final Words

GoDaddy commands a significant market share in domain registrar.

They have created a brand for themselves as if a household name for domain registration.

You will find them demanding in their pricing,  because of their market penetration, technology, and world-class customer support 24/7.

Irrespective of all the barriers, they can manage themselves as the preferred pick for customers and encourage you to register your domain name with them and kick start either you are a beginner or already have a strong online presence.

If you have the desired domain name with the right extension and pricing, You can always count on GoDaddy.


Company Profile

Namecheap was founded in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and is one of the most prominent domain registrars globally, managing over 14 million domain names registered with them.

They are immensely popular among newbies, blogging enthusiasts as well as big corporate houses.


Pricing matters whether you are a first-timer, buying your third domain name, or owning multiple domains.

Name cheap is budget-friendly to start registration with them and for renewing too.

You can’t beat the pricing of Name cheap.

They offer a considerable discount in the first year of your Domain’s registration and can be acquired within a price range as low as $9.52, with a second-year renewal of $13.54.

You can purchase your domain name right from one year to a maximum of ten years.

They came up with a discounted price for you with higher years of registration.

Customer Service

They have a friendly support team ready to help you 24/7, both by live chat and by submitting an online ticket in the specific department to which the query belongs for a quick fix of the issue.

However, they are yet to introduce live support over a phone call.

You will find their customer reviews quite impressive, with more than 2million customers, have rated their service as high as 4.7/out of 5 Star. 

Security And Privacy

Your domain privacy is safeguarded for a lifetime for free once you register your domain name with Name cheap disabling unwanted public access to your contact information, address, and Email.

You will also be provided with a 60 day free trial of setting up a Professional Business Email account with your domain name.

They ensure that your email id, which you have created with your new domain name, is protected from being displayed by replacing it with a unique mail address and then forwarded it to any of your preferred mail ids like Gmail after filtering it for any spam.

They also provide you Free DNS service and a DNS management platform to update your records and ensuring your Domain’s visibility on the internet.

The Namecheap DNS service is also applicable for free to all other third-party domain owners.

They also protect your Website with Free Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Ensuring your Domain is protected with another layer of security and verifying the right set of visitors to your site refraining from any kind of fraudulent activity.

You will be a part of their VIP rewards Club once you register 50 active domain names with them and would be able to save money both on registration, renewal, and transfer of domains. 

Domain Transfer

They are hot favorites for Domain Transfer.

Namecheap is always the right place for your domain transfer if you are not comfortable with the pricing and service of your existing domain registrar, and they will guide you with a hassle-free domain transfer in a span of 30minutes to 6 days. 

You will be welcomed with a discounted rate when you transfer your domain from any of the registrars and continue enjoying the same support and services being extended to their existing customers.

Make sure your Domain has completed a minimum of 60 days with any of the registrars to be eligible for transfer.

Managing Domain Platform

Their robust search tool helps you to find your domain name from their massive pool of characters and also recommends likely names suitable for your Business.

Name cheap is loaded with a friendly user interface to make sure your working experience in their dashboard is seamless.

Their Beast mode search tool enables you to search by writing all your ideas in the keyword section and even selecting the right extension like .com, .online,,.me, or selecting all the available extensions.

Still, if you are not sure to choose by category like Sports, Finance, Entertainment, Education preferably to suit your business requirements, they also offer you filters like dropping the last letter from your keyword or even add a word to your search.

Thus Beast mode is a unique tool to identify potentially hidden domain names and search up to 5,000 keywords in a single go.

Name cheap also provides solutions for Hosting, Web Security, Email Marketing, and others.

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

Namecheap Final Words

The rock band MLTR has had a clean image; nothing scandalous has ever hit them.

Name cheap is like MLTR.

No hidden costs, no higher renewal pricing, and no surprises.

They offer you a complete package of domain experience right from buying your domain name with affordable pricing to low-cost renewals and robust free privacy protection.

Name cheap fits your bill taking into consideration of all their features and offerings and the right platform to start your online journey.

Company Profile was founded in the year 1998 with its corporate office located in Burlington, Massachusetts, and one of the oldest players around with more than 2million domain names registered with them.


They have a huge database offering you the latest Top Level Domain Name Extensions (TLDs) available in the market with the pricing that can start as low as $2.99 for a .space and .bid extension.

You will find their popular .com extension starting with a reasonable price of $9.99 and renewing at $15.99 for the second year.

Customer Service

They have a robust customer support team ready to help you 24/7 both on calls and chat for all of their products related to purchasing a domain, web hosting, SSL Certificates, and email hosting.

Security And Privacy

They have a unique way of securing your Domain Privacy, like hiding your details from public viewing, which comes with an additional layer of  Protection providing malware scanning, and Safeguarding your Website from being blocked or termed as spam.

It’s Domain Privacy + Protection.

However, the downside is that the domain privacy costs you an add-on purchase of $8.99 per year, whereas the same has been offered free from Namecheap.

Domain Transfer

If you are not okay with your current domain registrar, follow a few of their easy steps to initiate your domain transfer to, and the entire process will be completed in 5-7 working days.

They offer a discounted price while transferring your domain name; a .com costs you $9.99 while transferring to

They will charge you one year of registration fees while transferring your domain name.

The upside of transferring your Domain to them is you will be loaded with some added features like URL forwarding like redirecting your domain name to any website, Email forwarding, letting you send your emails from your domain mail id to any of your personal inboxes.

Your Domain is locked down with them from preventing any unauthorized access and attempts to transfer it to any other domain registrar. also stands top on the preferred list of most users looking forward to transferring their Domain because of their for their simple and smooth process.

Managing Domain Platform

They have quite an easy platform offering you the best of experiences while both buying and transferring a new domain name.

You will get into an interface where you can manage all your domains registered with them as a single user instead of steering through pages of each Domain; moreover, if you are using their hosting service, you have the convenience of handling both Hosting and Domain from a single place.

They offer you a lot of user-friendly tools and great features, ensuring managing their Domain is simple and straightforward, and less complicated.

They provide you the automatic domain renewal feature that reminds you to renew it before the expiration date. is where you will find the most desired domain names and the country code top-level domains (ccTLD).

They also act partly as a Broker for purchasing premium domain names, especially the .com and two-word domain names that are quick to remember and hardly available in the market. 

Their support staff would guide you through each stage while purchasing a premium domain name.

Apart from domain name registration, which is their primary stronghold, they also offer other services like Email hosting, Webhosting, SSL certificates, Sitelock security, and Website builder tool, ensuring them as one-stop-shop for all your tools for enabling your online presence. Final Words is one of the veteran domain registrars in the industry with an asset of some valuable domain names.

Their domain name comes with free benefits like Domain Lock and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

You have the option of buying your domain name straight for five years in a single go.

If you are sure of your Business, it’s recommended to purchase your Domain for more years, saving some amount in advance compared to renewing in the coming years.

One of the critical drawbacks of is the WHOIS Privacy protection, which costs $8.99 per year, whereas most domain registrars offer it free.

They also chip in their additional products while buying your domain name; make sure to get rid of all these add-ons like SSL certificates, Site lock security, Website builder, and Email hosting before finally hitting the purchase button.

Finally, they are the right place to start if your Business is new or falls into the medium-sized company category as their domain platform is easy to get along with that rarely demands your time and attention.


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Choosing the right domain name is important as it creates an instant impression in front of your audience whether to take a pause or not.

It’s the Name of your Domain that cut off between you and your traffic.

 Your domain name is the first stop for the visitor and should be predictable to foresee the prospect and credibility of your Business and should he meet his requirement and resolve his queries.

If your domain name is unique and robust, it creates visibility on its own and plays the role of a magnet in attracting visitors and organic traffic.

Next to the domain name, the TLDs have also started playing a significant role.

With more than 1500 diverse TLDs to choose from, it also allows you to utilize your creative skills to check how best you are using the domain extension name to align with businesses and creating awareness with your audience.

The next big hurdle comes to buying your domain name from the best domain registrar once you choose your domain name.

Selecting the best domain registrar is a bit challenging.

 It has to qualify for you through various factors like pricing, customer support, Privacy, and an excellent domain platform to emerge as the best registrar.

Considering the various aspects we have analyzed and chosen the top three best domain registrars to register your domain name out of plenty of domain registrars available in the market.

Though you will find all the three-domain registrars caters to similar services, each has their strength and stands out in their unique way.  

GoDaddy: They have the largest market share in domain registration with an excellent customer support team.

 They are on a mission to be the best domain registrar with a continuous effort to match your demand and expectations in pricing, security, and support.

Namecheap: You will find their pricing amazingly lowest and the best in buying a new domain and renewing it.

They have a great support team in place more than ready to help you out both through chat and fast resolving your queries through tickets.

Finally, they have a robust security system in place safeguarding your Privacy for a lifetime. Their Brand itself recalls that they are the oldest and most liked platform to register your domain name with access to almost all domain name extensions, including the premium one.

Their domain pricing is okay, and you can register your domain name for five years with them in a single go.

They have solid security and privacy system but comes with an extra cost.

If you want me to round it off, I recommend flying high with Namecheap to start your blog or Business. 

Choosing a domain name with the best domain registrar is like fishing which requires a little patience.

Your domain name goes a long way right from the beginning in creating awareness with your audience to building a brand to stand out in the competition hence demands your minute attention.

I am sure we have dived enough to make things easier for you to choose your domain name.

Be glued to us as we climb further steps of the ladder and get back to host ourselves with the Best Hosting Provider.

Best Wishes!!

Stay Safe.

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