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Yes time for you to dive in with the features and offerings of GreenGeeks before striking your deal and understanding what makes GreenGeeks stands apart from other Hosting solutions.

So the big question is  how to finalize the best Hosting Provider, which suits your budget and requirements out of a flooded market of Hosting Solutions.

Hence, to simplify things, we have come up with a unique Hosting solution called GreenGeeks and would discuss why GreenGeeks is the Best Web Hosting Solution for you and stand out in the crowd.

GreenGeeks was started in the year 2008 by Trey Gardner.

Trey comes with an enormous working experience of association with eight different Web Hosting Companies, thus making it easier for him to understand the customer requirements and deliver accordingly and scaling GreenGeeks to Newer Heights.

Sounds Good. Time to hop in, but before that, let’s grab some idea of what exactly is Web Hosting?

What Is A Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that ensures your Website’s uninterrupted presence on the internet.

Web Hosting services are armed with servers and related technologies to host your Website.

Thus choosing a web hosting service is ideally finding a home on rent for your Website with a space on the web server to manage all your content, files, database, and images.

A web server is a computer equipped with both software and hardware and responsible for responding to visitors’ requests trying to connect to your Website from around the World.

Thus the priority of choosing the best web hosting provider is of utmost importance as its prime responsibility is to keep your site up and running and safeguard it from any malicious cyber-attacks.

Thus Every Website is managed by a web hosting company offering different hosting options catering to your requirement, either You are an individual blogger, setting up a small business, or a large corporate.

All Fine!! You will find that GreenGeeks is loaded with many flexible hosting plans to choose from.

How To Choose The Best Hosting Provider?

Choosing the best hosting Provider as per your requirement is equally important. It plays a crucial role in setting up your uninterrupted online presence 24/7, leading to a better user experience and helping in steering through the competition and creating a brand for your Blog or business.

Eight Key Factors To Choose The Best Hosting Provider

You will find there are plenty of features to choose the best Hosting Provider.

However we have simplified eight key factors to help you in identifying the right hosting solution.

 Let’s deep dive.


The Performance of Uptime is measured in the percentage of time your Website’s successful presence on the internet and readily accessible to your users without any hiccups.

You will find Hosting Provider Guarantees an uptime percentage in between 99.5%-100%; the closer we are to 100%, the better for us.

Though the uptime target of hosting services is 100%, anything above 99.98% is acceptable.

Speed and Uptime are critical for your Website for better user experience and reducing the bounce rate of visitors.

Monthly Traffic

As your site grows and starts attracting new audiences, your traffic increases, and subsequently, there is no limit on it.

But you will find web hosting services that restrict your monthly incoming traffic and charge extra fees for additional visitors.

Keep a tab and ensure your hosting solution is bundled with unlimited monthly traffic to avoid your site being down or paying any additional amount.


Your Page Loading Speed matters both to remain in Google’s preferred list as well for visitors sticking to your site.

The higher the page loading time higher your customer is annoyed.

Site speed will help in reduced bounce rate, increased customer experience, and helps in page ranking factors.

Hence better to check the speed of your web hosting service before going ahead.

As per industry standards, the best practice for page loading speed is half a second or max of one second that ensures your visitors are glued to your site.

However, Google John Mueller, the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst recommends your page loading time be restricted to less than two-three seconds.


Securing your Website is highly critical as it is live on the internet and prone to uninvited visitors and hackers.

There is a high probability of your Website going down or losing data lacking a robust security system.

Ensure your hosting Provider is loaded with all required safety measures to prevent you from being attacked with regular backups of your data.

Customer Support

It is obvious to come across some obstacle while building your Website; that’s when the customer support team jumps into the driver’s seat and steer you through for some quick solution.

Customer support is of utmost importance for any hosting provider to help and guide you in case any issues arise related to your Website.

Check details of the support team of your Hosting Provider while going ahead, ensure they have a presence of 24/7 for attending your calls, and are equipped in all desired formats practiced in the industry.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Getting connected to a CDN has become part of a daily routine once you browse through any website.

CDN helps you quickly deliver your content, mainly in the form of text, images, and media files, along with sharing it with the requested user from the nearest server.

See that your Web Hosting Solutions provide a CDN to improve the Website’s overall performance.

Free Domain Name And Website Transfer

Keep a check while buying a New Hosting solution as it provides you with an opportunity to grab a Free Domain Name for registration along with a free website transfer if it’s already registered with another Hosting.


Pricing should not be a concern when you scout for the Best Hosting solution; however, you will find very rare Hosting Providers like GreenGeeks loaded with all the necessary key features mentioned above with a Best price offering.

Why GreenGeeks? Top Eight Reasons To Choose GreenGeeks.

What makes GreenGeeks stand out in the crowd?

Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

Sounds Curious, a Web Hosting Company to be Eco Friendly.

You will be surprised to find in Terms of Green House Gas Emission Internet has a contribution of 3.7% of Global emission, which is equivalent to all air traffic in the World, with more and more internet users adding up this figure is expected to double up by 2025.

GreenGeeks is the First Company to acquire the title of a certified green web hosting provider. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognizes it for its Green Initiatives.

With Partnering with Bonneville Environmental Foundation, they have a sincere approach towards reducing carbon footprint. For every kilowatt of energy they consume from the Grid, they ensure to replace it with three times of renewable energy back into the power system in the form of wind and solar energy.

So when you are hosting your Website with them, you have your fair share of contribution towards creating a Green environment enabling your Website to be powered by 300% wind energy with a Zero carbon footprint.


The Uptime of a Webhosting indicates the reliability and performance of a hosting provider and is crucial as it keeps going your Website.

So what is the assurance from GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks guarantees their web servers to maintain a consistent uptime of 99.99% round the clock.

Yes, they live up to your expectations and deliver them.

Moreover, to make sure your Website is way faster, they adapt themselves to the latest technologies using efficient servers with High-end processors and high-speed RAMs with storage capacity in SSD hard drives, ensuring quick loading of your Website.

They will not let you down in Uptime as it’s one of the key parameters of any web hosting provider.

Monthly Traffic

As you deliver the right content required for your visitors and start resolving their queries, your Website’s popularity grows by leaps and bounds, and your visitor’s size increases and goes out of your control.

GreenGeeks offers unlimited traffic for your Website irrespective of the hosting plan you have chosen with them.

They won’t restrict your monthly traffic, unlike some other web hosting providers where the monthly visitor is restricted to a certain number of visitors.


Speed is a critical factor for your Website’s performance.

An average visitor waits for two seconds for a webpage to load.

GreenGeeks leaves no stone unturned here, instead, go the extra mile and offers an in-built caching technology powered by Litespeed Cache (LSCache Plugin) with a dynamic content acceleration feature and enables quick loading of your page and data.

Their server loads really quickly in 478-480 milliseconds and surpasses the average industry expectation loading time of two to three seconds.

When your Website is hosted with GreenGeeks, you have to rest assured of speed as it offers little room for your visitors to turn away from your page.


GreenGeeks have a robust approach towards securing your Website from unwanted malware threats and ensuring your data to be safe.

A few Security measures taken by GreenGeeks to protect your Website are

1. Your site is provided with Firewall Security Systems monitoring both the incoming and outgoing traffic preventing any vulnerability.

2. They ensure to back up your data everyday night to help you recover it if your site loses it due to any cyber-attacks or malware threats.

3. They have enabled a two-factor authentication security system for your GreenGeeks account, making it difficult for anyone to access it without knowing your password and carrying your Mobile device.

Thus it becomes incredibly challenging to crack your account as it’s a combination of your password and the security code generated in your mobile phone.

4. They have upgraded themselves with container-based technology by placing each computing resource in a different container, like a shipping industry.

The technology allows your visitors access to each container and gives you an idea about your user’s usage to validate valuable and Harmful users.

The technology increases the speed of your Website without diluting your server’s performance irrespective of the increased traffic in other websites.

5. They provide you with a Free SSL certificate securing protection from visitors and encrypt sensitive information and financial transactions being routed to and fro to the Website.

6. They will alert you every time you log into your GreenGeeks Dashboard, either from a Known or an unknown device.

Customer Support

Customer Support is crucial for any product or service. You deal live with the customers and signify how quick you are in guiding and resolving their queries; better is the customer experience higher chances of recommending the product through word of mouth to friends and families.

You will be more than happy to find that the GreenGeeks support team has an around-the-clock presence.

You will find their Email and Chat support team more than eager to help you out 24*7*365Days.

They are pretty proactive in response to your mail queries within a timeframe of 15 minutes.

You will find their telephone support operating from 9 AM to 12 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) (Monday–Sunday).

The advantage of their support team is that they are qualified technicians with the right skill set to help you, whether you are a first-timer in web hosting or an experienced customer.

They also extend support to you through many knowledge-based articles related to any queries, be it Different types of Hosting, Security systems, or creating an account.

You can always count on the GreenGeeks support team for any service.

They are pretty assured that they will not let you down.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The best part about GreenGeeks is that they already have a partnership with Cloudflare, one of the best CDN technology to be recognized by users.

Because of its more extensive network of data centers, Cloudflare enables your Website to load faster. It stores static cache files in the servers nearest to your location, enhancing overall site performance.

Cloudflare also provides you with another layer of security by filtering the traffic, restricting threats and protecting from unwanted bot crawling, hackers and cyber-attacks, and increasing speed and performance.

The Best Part Cloudfare is free.

Yes, when you host your Website with GreenGeeks, you will find the basic Cloudfare service is free and would be enough to fulfill your requirement for having a better experience.

Free Domain Name And Website Transfer

GreenGeeks provides you with a free domain name registration for the first year once you choose a hosting solution with them in a yearly plan, and subsequently, you have to renew it.

You can also migrate your Website from any other hosting provider with GreenGeeks for free with a few simple steps.

Once you switch your hosting account with them, GreenGeeks also provides the option to transfer your domain name for free, ensuring your hosting solution is bundled in a single package with GreenGeeks.

Types Of Hosting And Pricing

GreenGeeks caters to different types of hosting plans to suit your requirement, whether you are starting your Blog, a small business owner, or having an established setup.

Apart from the key features being offered by GreenGeeks, you will find their hosting Pricing amazingly affordable.

Let’s dive in.

GreenGeeks offers you four different types of Hosting Plans whose details are mentioned below.

Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Web Hosting

Designed by freepik

If you are starting your Blog or a small business within a restricted budget, then shared Hosting is the right hosting solution for you to kick start.

Your Website is hosted on the same single server with multiple websites in shared hosting, whereas all share the server cost, resource, and usage.

In shared hosting, a single standard room is shared by multiple people, and the room cost and maintenance are distributed equally by all.

Shared hosting is being supported by multiple CMS (Content Management Systems).

GreenGeeks provides the most popular shared hosting plan by named Lite

Some of the key features already loaded in Lite are

. 1 Website

. 50 GB Storage

. 50 Email accounts

. 1 Domain Free for the first year

. Free CDN

.Free Nightly Back Up

.Free SSL Certificate

.Free Website Migration

. Hassle-Free 1 Click installation of WordPress

.1 Click installation for Softaculous for Joomla and Other CMS

Lite shared hosting costs $2.95 per month and is equipped with all the essential features to host your single Website.

If you have future plans to penetrate other markets by creating more websites, switching to upgraded plans as Pro or Premium would always be an added advantage.

 It provides you unlimited storage, Unlimited Email Accounts, and Unlimited websites with two times faster Lite hosting plans.

If you have decided on a long-term career in a digital platform, we will highly recommend starting your journey with their most popular the Pro Hosting plan costs $5.95 per month and fits the bill for the long run.

With time As your business grows, you will find your traffic to increase insanely; thus, the right time to migrate to Premium Hosting Plan.

Premium Hosting Plan Costs $10.95 per month, which serves you with a Dedicated IP address exclusively to your hosting account and helps you to manage only your Website traffic in a much faster way, thus enhancing your Website’s speed and performance.

Premium Hosting Planalso provides you the AlphaSSL, a single-domain SSL (Security Socket Layer) certificate issued from some trusted certified authorities like Globalsign, enabling your site to be extra secure.

WordPress Hosting

You will find WordPress CMS is being used by more than 455 million websites worldwide and still counting; thus, WordPress hosting is becoming a preferred choice for more and more users.

GreenGeeks also offers WordPress Hosting, which is similar to their shared hosting plan in terms of Pricing and features.

The three types of WordPress Hosting Plan powered with GreenGeeks along with their Pricing are

Lite costs $2.95 per month

Pro costs $5.95 per month

Premium costs $10.95 per month

What Is WordPress Hosting?

Thus WordPress hosting is a Web hosting solution exclusively developed, keeping in mind to be compatible with WordPress websites, thus simplifying your Website for more straightforward navigation and enhanced for better performance.

Advantages Of  WordPress Hosting

If your Website is hosted with WordPress hosting, it’s protected with an extra layer of security with the loading time comparatively faster.

You will have access to WordPress-supported pre-installed sites, automatic backups, along with auto WordPress updates with extensive support about WordPress.

Difference Between Shared Hosting And WordPress Hosting

The critical difference between both types of hosting is that shared hosting supports multiple content management systems like Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. In contrast, WordPress Hosting is exclusively designed to host WordPress websites.

While GreenGeeks offers both hosting with equal pricing and similar features, you will find there is a higher demand for WordPress hosting as it is equipped with better security, speed, and options to optimize server performance.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Imagine you are staying in a twenty-story building. The entire eighteenth floor is privately accessible only to you without sharing any of the features and amenities with the other floor members of the building.

In this case, the entire building is a powerful server, and each floor is divided into multiple servers letting your RAM, CPU, and Disk Space without being shared with any other users.

How Does A VPS Hosting Work?

Once you opt for a VPS hosting, then using virtualization Technology, your hosting company Installs a virtual layer on the top of the operating system of the server and separates the server into multiple partitions by creating a virtual wall allowing each user to install their operating system and software.

Thus as the name VPS suggests, it’s both the combination of Virtual and Private servers ensuring your Website operates in a Secure container by differentiating it from other processes running on the same server by preventing any vulnerabilities or cyber-attacks.

VPS hosting also assures your Website a guaranteed resource like Disk Space, Memory and Central Processing Unit Core (CPU Core), enabling you to have an experience of a dedicated server irrespective of sharing the server with multiple users.

GreenGeeks offers three different types of VPS Hosting plans with fully managed service, ensuring you do not have to worry about your server management and server maintenance and will take care of by GreenGeeks.

The First VPS hosting plan comes with a 2GB RAM plan with 4vCPU and 50GB of SSD Disk Space and costs $39.95 per month.

The Second VPS hosting plan comes with a 4GB RAM plan with 4vCPU and 75GB of SSD Disk Space and costs $59.95 per month.

The Third VPS hosting plan comes with an 8GB RAM plan with 6vCPU and 150GB of SSD Disk Space and costs $109.95 per month.

In the first and second plans, you will find that both virtual central processing units (vCPU) are the same, whereas, in the third plan, it differs to a higher core.

However, some of the key features which are the same across all three plans are

. Free SSL Certificate

. Free Website Transfer

.Free Softaculous License

. GreenGeeks Managed Support

Some of the critical advantages of VPS hosting are your site performance becomes faster and reliable.

Your server will not be affected irrespective of the Issues and Traffic surge of other severs.

Your entire performance will be seamless as all the resources like memory or processing power offered to you in your VPS plan are guaranteed and delivered without any fluctuations.

You are provided with better security and privacy as your files and databases are locked and protected from other users.

Your VPS Hosting will have a dedicated IP address having your address for your Website.

VPS hosting allows root access to your server allowing you to install applications and make any necessary changes without any hindrance.

VPS hosting is costly and requires few technical skills to manage your server, irrespective of the expert support from GreenGeeks.

VPS hosting is ideal for you once you experience increased traffic to your Website, causing a slowdown of your Website and sometimes even crashing your server. It’s the right time for you to switch to VPS Hosting as it can handle such an increase in traffic and ensure your site has a smooth run.

Even if you have an online store and a lot of online payments are in place, then VPS enables you to have a quick and secure payment by qualifying for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance test.

Reseller Hosting

Going ahead, if you have any plans to start your own web hosting business without the burden of higher expenses like server maintenance, support, and Hardware then Reseller Hosting is the right option.

Reseller Hosting allows you as an individual or a company to purchase web hosting services, space, and Bandwidth and then rent it to other customers or website owners and start your web hosting business in return for a profit.

If you are a web developer or running a digital marketing agency, adding reseller hosting to your service is like a one-stop solution for your online business.

GreenGeeks provides the best reseller hosting solution and comes with three different plans.

The first plan is Rh-25, which costs $19.95 per month comes with 60GB of SSD disk space supports 25 cPanel accounts.

The Second plan is Rh-50, which costs $24.95 per month comes with 80GB of SSD disk space supports 50 cPanel accounts.

The Third plan is Rh-80, which costs $34.95 per month comes with 160GB of SSD disk space supports 80 cPanel accounts.

However, the Pricing mentioned above is applicable in case of a purchase of a hosting plan of 36 months.

With GreenGeeks reseller account, you have administrative access to Webhost Manager (WHM) to create and manage individual cPanel accounts.

If you have chosen a Reseller Hosting account with GreenGeeks, they let your customers have unlimited disk space, free SSL, and free Cloudfare CDN.

GreenGeeks will ensure that your client’s account is protected through a robust security system that disables any cyber threats and is powered with 24/7 security monitoring.

You can also switch your RH account to GreenGeeks if you are not ok with your existing hosting provider service; once you transfer your account with GreenGeeks, their migration team will move up 30cPanel accounts for you free of charge.

Over and above, they let you play your own game in the web hosting business; with the option of white label services, you can customize your hosting brand, logo and create a separate identity for yourself.

Key Advantages GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks understands the customer’s requirement fully and matches up by offering flexible hosting plans, whether you are starting your Blog or having an existing online store.

GreenGeeks was started in the year 2008 by Trey Gardner and is the fastest-growing company in Web Hosting.

They have 14 years of experience in the industry, with 600,000 websites hosted with them.

They were the first company to launch the ecofriendly initiative with web hosting.

You will find their data centers strategically located in Chicago (USA), Montreal (Canada) and Amsterdam (Netherland).

Once you purchase their hosting solution, they will plant a tree to ensure your fair share of contribution towards their Green Initiative.

After registering with GreenGeeks, if you are not ok with their Hosting solution, they are more than happy to refund your hosting fees within the first 30days of signing with them.

They will deduct the domain registration amount from the hosting fees, and you have to continue with the domain.

Key Drawbacks GreenGeeks

We will negate some points from GreenGeeks because of not extending 24/7 customer support over a phone, post-midnight in case of an issue, you have to depend on a chat or email support irrespective of their prompt service.

They play a pricing trick by offering the lite version for $2.95 per month for both Web and WordPress hosting, whereas the mentioned cost is applicable only if you opt for three years of hosting registration.

If you are not going for a three-year purchase, the monthly hosting package will cost you $10.95.

You are not entitled to free registration of a Domain name in the case of a monthly plan; in addition to that, you will be charged a separate fee of $15 to set up your web hosting account.

The setup fee is waived off in a yearly package with free domain registration for the first year.

Final Thoughts

GreenGeeks is into serious Hosting Business with an intent to extend you with a 360-degree solution for 100% customer satisfaction.

Trey Gardner’s (CEO) mountainous experience in the Hosting business and his commitment to you for a better hosting experience always gives you an edge over other Hosting solutions.

Their Uptime is guaranteed 99.9% with a friendly customer support team 24*7*365.

You will find their pricing competitive and best in the industry Irrespective of the tricky structuring of the Hosting cost.

If you are signing for their Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting, we recommend registering yourself with an annual plan for better Pricing and at par with the industry.

The longer the term you register with them, the lower is the offer pricing.

GreenGreeks have a clean and serious effort to preserve the environment for a better, Greener world by reducing carbon footprint. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has been recognized as a Green Power Partner since 2009.

They are equipped with so much flexibility and advantages that their pros seem to outdo their cons.

They have a long-term vision with repeated up-gradation of their tools and techniques and passing it to their customers.

You will find their hosting solutions scalable as the size of and traffic of your Website grows with time; even you can upgrade to a VPS or a Reseller Hosting Solution at a different pricing band depending on your requirement.

GreenGeeks offers the best Hosting solution and stands apart in the crowd because of their unmatched features, speed and performance and is highly recommended to start your Website with them.

I wish the topic was helpful in giving an insight into GreenGeeks Hosting.

Be on your toes as we climb some quick steps up the ladder and unfold the Best.

Stay Safe.


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